Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Jane's Dear Jane Started 10.04.07

This afternoon I started my Dear Jane Quilt. I have been playing around with the Dear Jane software for some time and finally came up with the following arrangement/placement for my colours. I have six different blues that I will be using on a white background. I am not yet sure if I will do the plain tri's blue or white (probably white).
This is my first Dear Jane Block - Jane's Tears. I am not 100% happy with the applique as you can see some pointy bits that should be curved ....but as Brenda says ..."better finished than perfect". So unless I feel like redoing it at sometime before I put it all together, it will stay like this for now. 3.45pm finished. I have also got Bachelor Buttons ready to stitch. So 2 blocks in one day .... I may have to join the block of the week on the Dear Jane List...!

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