Monday, 16 April 2007

Purrfectly Quilted - Birthday

Purrfectly Quilted was born officially on the 11 April 2007. This is the date my business was registered. I am amazed at the speed things have happened - from decision to do something - to getting organised and setting up this enterprise. I have been busy sewing quilts and making arrangements ... I keep posted on the building and machine delivery etc.



Lesley-Anne said...

Hi Jane love your entheusiasm(sp) It is very exciting setting up and waiting for the machine.Then it's here! and you will think Oh H*ll have I done the right thing??? Yess will be the answer. Dive in and ppp you can never do to much of that. I enjoy your comments on the yahoo group (Pat's)

Tracey Petersen said...

Happy birthday. Good for you for taking the leap. THe verandah area will make a fantastic studio.