Monday, 23 April 2007

Work in Progress - Quilt Studio

Well, the first window (the small one) went in today, then the second (a big one)! Two doors and a further full length window to go.

This is really exciting - James has been very busy all afternoon and I have been the carpenter's lacky when needed.

The space is coming alive and I can't wait until it is finished and I have flooring down. With my APQS due any day ... I am beside myself with excitement - hence being up at 2am and can't sleep! Anyway James has gone to work now at 3.30am so I am just fiddling on the computer - looking at thread, batting, pricing etc.

Next post should be ..."It's here"..... Cheers for now - off to work in an hour or so! Jane x

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Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Yo Jane, geeze girlie you are going to be exhausted by the time its here...soon you wont be sleeping cause you have so much your enthusiasm(sp)remember to get the placement just right as there is no moving once its in..they are very you know 6 strong blokes..get a piece of paper or carpet off cut the same size as the table and move it around the room, you'll be surprised how big they are and how much room they take up..need space to walk not creep around the second machine is on wheels,so we can move it..but it makes it very high for short asses to use..I am 5'7" and the belly bar sits under my boobs..makes me stand up very tall..but thats good no bad back from the stoop..enuff waffle..cant wait for the pic with jane standing behind the machine ..cheers Pat