Thursday, 24 May 2007

I am Cameraless

Okay - so I have been posting some pretty strange things lately - type of flower, type of daemon.... my camera has gone with my husband up to Coffs Harbour for the annual meeting of the Ulyssess club (People over 40 who like to ride bikes and socialise...I just call them old farts - because I am one of them!!)

Anyway - so my camera has gone and I cannot post any photos of what I have been up to on my quilting machine. I am currently working on a quilt or two for the inaugral Machine Quilters Exhibition 2007 to be held in Victoria on the 26-29 July 2007 - have a look at their web site and follow the links if you are interested.

So my dear husband and my camera will return to Launceston on the 2 June 2007 - can't wait for either of them to come back!! So hopefully soon I will have some more pictures to post.

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