Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Practice Quilts

This is my first practice piece - I did lots of freehand stuff on this - even some very ordinary Mctavishing (mcmonking sounds rediculous - so I will still call it Mctavishing) . This is the first time I have done feathers - and after drawing them for weeks and weeks - it is good to be able to see how to do them on the machine - obviously I need a fair bit of practice yet!

Shadow has claimed this practice quilt as her own - she was found comfortably asleep atop the quilt which I had thrown over a chair. Cats do have to road test their owner's quilts at all times! This is the law of the cat.

This piece was a go at continuous freehand feathers - before my machine was rolling smoothly - you can see the difficulty with the squarish curves.

these next two pictures are of a piece I designed myself - the first is the front and the yellow pic is the back view - I really liked the fabric I used. The front is a piece of quilters muslin which I am going to colour in and heat set - another table runner? there are two butterflies on it and I love the curvey freehand meandering - so easy as this has been one of my long time doodling patterns.

This beauty is my very first go at a pantograph - under the close supervision of Sue (the APQS dealer in Australia). Pantos looks so much better when they are quilted on a piece = opposed to just looking at them on a roll of paper.

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Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Jane your swirls are wonderful..feathers what ever you want to call them, well done,just remember even if you miss the line of the panto keep the nice fluid curve happening..bit faster around corners as it keeps the momentem happening..not too fast though,go for it girlie..