Monday, 11 June 2007

Customer Quilts

Lucky this weekend was a long one - because I spent quite a bit of time quilting and binding for two customers. The black and red quilt is a pattern called Bias & Blooms I think - very nice in this colourway - this is the lady's third quilt she has made - I like it.

This next one - is only a very small "tablecloth" - I really did not want to take it to do because - well - the lady had not been quilting very long at all when she made it. But it has come up a treat and I hope she likes it. It is really difficult as new quilter when someone says to you - "See what you can do with this, I don't mind what you put on it"..... I am up for a challenge but have some apprehension before the customer sees the finished products.. but I am sure I am not alone in that!!

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tracey petersen said...

Hey, nicely done. It would appear that you are having a ball with your APQS. Mine has quickly become my most treasured possession!