Thursday, 5 July 2007

Blue & White Nine Patch Quilted

Well, the quilting has finally been done. I decided to put a fine blue border and then a wide white border (using the Fibonacci numbers to determine the proportions). I am really happy with this quilt - It took me about 5 hours to machine quilt with my own freehand pattern. I cannot take all the credit with the placement of the blue and white 9 patches though - James (my DH) spent a lot of time with me on the lounge room floor putting them in different configurations

It looks so much better in the "cotton" (read "in real life").

This is one of the corners - I only have about 15 inches left to slip stitch onto the back - in these photos the back is only pinned.

This next pic is a close up - obviously!

And this next one is a view of the back - I have used Bottom Line Superior thread on both the top and bottom of this quilt - I just love the look it gives my quilting.

Now - what to make next!! I have some 7inch 30 fabric squares that I might want to make into Ohio Stars and some kids prints that I would like to make a simple block so I can showcase one of my "kids" pantograph all over patterns.
So many little time!
And with my two quilts going to the Inaugral Victorian Machine Quilting Exhibition at the end of July - I don't have much else to show people.
I will post pictures of my red and white strippy quilt that I have done a pantograph on, and my all white wholecloth with large scalloped edge, after the show!!
And now - I should go back to bed because it is 3am and off to work tomorrow!

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Bianca said...

This is very nice quilted!
I received your lovely siggy last friday, thank you very much.

I like you blog, and your quiltingspace, beautiful vieuw also.