Friday, 28 September 2007

Playing around with Pantos

This is a beautiful pattern from Hermione Agee -0f Lorien Quilting. I decided to make a "wholecloth" with it on some nice pale green batik cloth I had. Hermione's winning quilt where she has coloured in butterflies has inspired me to make a few of these quilts.

This is after binding and washing - and being folded up - I haven't ironed it yet because I want to do some colouring first.

The picture is sideways because the quilt was too big to fit into my lense the right way up and I haven't turned it in my pictures - just turn your head to the left - lol :}

Here is a close up of the quilting ....

And the back - some lovely sunflower fabric

This is my Butterfly quilt - I used a soft pink Batik fabric.

But then went pychedelic with the backing fabric - being born in 1966 must have left some mark on me because I love this fabric and anything that resembles paisley.

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