Sunday, 28 October 2007

Dear Jane - More blocks - Up to 34 now

I hand stitched this piece (C10 Patriots Lantern) last night - and with 35 pieces it took me a little while. I am happy with it and a good pressing will make it sit nice and flat - then I can trim it up. I meant to make it for the challenge last week but ... you gets in the way some times.

These are the other blocks I have made in the last 10 days..

From Left to right
A13 - Starlight, Starbright
D8 - Dee Dee's Delight
A8 - Florence Nightingale
C11 - Soldiers & Sailors Monument
B7 - world Series
A1 - Pinwheel Gone Awry - and yes it has!
G13 - Molly's Muffins - my first attempt at hand piecing curves.
They all need a little press and trim.
"Jane's Dear Jane" is well on its way with my numbers at 34 blocks, 0 triangles, 0 corners, 508 pieces.

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