Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Happy Birthday to my Husband

My dear husband James turns 47 today - he is working all day and probably won't be back home until after 9pm tonight - a very long day.
I am making a nice Chocolate Smartie cake (yummy chocolate cake with smarties placed on top of the icing) for him. Cooking Rogan Josh and rice for dinner and will have to have a nice glass of vino!
We gave him his birthday present last night because our son will be in bed when he gets home tonight - the full second series of Dr Who....and he was very happy to get this as he already has Series One and he likes the Doctor!

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Waterfall Manor quilts said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES, same day as me have nearly caught me mate and I hate to tell ya I am bloody old..hahaha..hope you had a lovely birthday and the cake was as good as it sounded..cyas Pat..have a gin and tonic for me ya