Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The Beach - where you see the most delightful things

You see the most delightful things at the beach - here are some of the tiny little flowers that are underfoot in the sandy soil at the beachside. These flowers were no bigger than my thumb nail.

These ones were in the State Forest about half a kilometre away from the beach - but still in sandy soil.

These little lovlies were absolutely everywhere and they are so tiny - I think they are my favourite - I love yellow flowers.

This is breakfast being cooked by the chef!
The BBQ is Mark I - the legs look a bit spiderish... but it does a lovely job of cooking breakfast, and dinner...I guess the next time we go to the beach the BBQ will be remodelled a bit more!
And this is the view from our bed in the caravan - you can't really go past this can you?
I'm so glad I spent the weekend at the beach. I got quite a lot of hand quilting done and it was very relaxing spending time with my family.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jane, The beach looks wonderfull. Where is it. I'm on the lookout for places to camp. I've just finished by second Dear JAne block. I've done my applique as per your freezer paper method. Cetainly helps keep it to the correct size and placement. Thank you very much for the hints.
Cheers Edith

Bluejanem said...

Hi Edith - congratulations on your first Dear Jane block - I'm glad you liked the freezer paper method - you can also use it for reverse applique. The beach is on the East Coast of Tasmania - near the Bay of Fires. You can Google it and see more information about this lovely area. Cheers Jane

Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Hi Jane I am wondering if you were talking about the legs on the bbq or james..lol..a bit spidery..the wild flowers are lovely so small and petite, a bit like us..lol..I have been to those east coast beaches they are wonderful..I am glad you relaxed..cheers mate..xx