Friday, 2 November 2007

The Long Weekend

No quilting this weekend .... I will be happily spending time at the beach - hand quilting my Dear Jane blocks and enjoying life with my James and son Jonathan.

This is the life - in the caravan relaxing right on the beach front.... fishing.... snoozing..... reading.... playing card games ... listening to the ocean sounds and walking along the beach - what more could you want (apart from quilting that is!)

This is James enjoying a scrummy lunch at New Year this year. He is really fishing 'cause the rods are out!

And this is the view from the caravan door - oh what bliss - I wish you could all be here - lol!

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Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Oy if we where all there it wouldn't look like beautiful, I am so jealous Jane..enjoy every minute of that solidtude,looks like Gods own country and a well kept secret..oh yeah and I do believe james is fishing..yeah right, looks like happy hour at Waterfall..."Could I have a gin and tonic, please"..I mean a scotch and coke, we dont mention those G&T's any more do we