Saturday, 24 November 2007

UFO's and Works In Progress

Amazing what you can do in less than a week when you don't know what to do with yourself.... Last week I wanted to just sew - so, on Monday when it was too hot to do anything else - I pulled out every piece of fabric I own (other than batiks and works in progress) and cut a 5 inch strip. I then cut them into triangles so I could make a 1000 pyramid quilt - I ended up with enough fabric to make 2 quilts. Anyway there are around 2-3 pieces of each fabric and once I have the border on - this quilt will be a whopping 108 inches wide.

I have a lovely red backing fabric from Brenda Wade's "Widebacks" (great service and great fabrics - no affiliations but gosh what a great idea Brenda had).

I want to custom quilt this quilt in every individual triangle - all 1040 of them. It is a quilt for my caravan - called "The Beach Quilt". This is a snapshot of my stash in 2007 - and it doesn't even look any smaller - and...I now have a crate full of scraps that I can use in my applique work.

The next project ... well if you remember I went from these little blocks.....

now to this huge quilt (for my bed). My husband is holding it upside down so you don't get to see the lovely 6inch blue batik border or the way I have arranged the blocks so they go from dark to light - I wanted to recreate the dappled light through the water. I am putting a pantograph on this quilt that I designed - with seahorses, leafy seadragons and kelp/seaweed. fingers crossed it goes okay. I will post a picture when I have quilted it.

This is the border and the next photo is of the lovely backing that I got from... you guessed it... "Widebacks". I can't say enough about them - so check it out yourself - here is the link... I did wash this batik fabric backing and it has come up lovely - so should be nice to quilt on my Longarm.

And this little quilt - well it has been a UFO for two years...I have finally finished piecing it - I had a two in one pattern - finished the first one and was left with all these triangles - so I have put them together with a border, organised the backing and binding - and just have to do the quilting now. Easy Peasy!

So next weekend - I will have to do more Dear Jane and get some quilts onto the machine.


Kim said...

Oh my all are gorgous!! ANd all from stash or ufo's??? WOW!!!

Nancy-Rose said...

Good job! I made a Thousand Pyramid this summer too, but mine is just about 800 pieces. I worked a little a machine quilting it this morning. Hope to have it done for a Christmas gift to my mum.


Mary said...

What a beautiful quilt - one of these days I'll make a Thousand Pyramid quilt for myself.

Nicole and Phil said...

Great quilt top...scary to think how many quilts you could make from your stash...when you realise how any quilts you can make out of some 5" strips!!!!
I am currently doing the sametype of thing with tumbler blocks, and been cutting up left over strips to sew together.....and I am on my second quilt, with probably enough pieces still to make another 6-8 quilts!! That isn't even touching the stash! Deep Sigh.....but these types of quilts are fun to make, and you don't have to think too much about it!

Helen in the UK said...

The pyramid quilt is fabulous. The fact that you made the whole thing in a week is astonishing!! Great work :)