Saturday, 5 April 2008

It's Siggie Time Again!

Today I have cut, sewn, stamped and signed 136 signature blocks for the Dear Jane Siggie Swap 2008 - Yep - made them all in one day - and also made an extra 50 blocks so I can start the European Swap again - there are some people whom I owe a siggie to and I must get them in the mail asap. This year I have used some fabric with Kangaroos and Emus that I purchased while in Sydney. They are now ready to be posted to the USA for swapping - I can't wait to get everyone's siggie blocks - this is the Dear Jane siggie swap which is held every year and one person will swap everyone's blocks and send a pack with 135 blocks to each person - wow what a big job that is. Last year I made a siggie quilt with the blocks I swapped - it is on my blog under My Quilts.

Cutting fabric

All ready to go now

Sewing - chain piecing

Cutting corners off

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Elly D said...

I love the focus fabric you've used on your siggies.