Wednesday, 30 April 2008

My first attempt at McTavishing

This is a lovely piece of fabric I purchased in Sydney - I decided to try my hand at McTavishing as I had not done it before. I also received Karen McTavishe's reprint of her book Whitework Quilting - so I have been drooling over that all morning (yes Pat you can have your copy back -ta)

So this is a table runner and as it was on the machine my brother claimed it for his own - said he loved it and would probably hang it up.


Suzanne Earley said...

looks good! i have never been crazy about doing mctavishing, but i do think it is effective when done well.

Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Hey Jane, you have nailed it my dear on your first go,well done my friend.I can understand why your bro would want that piece it has quilted up lovely.Isnt it a great alternative to stippling..I love it and always throw a bit of extra stuff like swirls etc into it Mc Dwyering..been doing it before she wrote the book..Dammm why did'nt I think of mate.

Alycia said...

WOW it looks great!