Thursday, 13 November 2008

A linen Quilt

This is the first Linen Top I have quilted ... my customer wanted this quilted loosley. I told her I would use the embroidery pattern as the quilting motifs and this is the result. She was over the moon - the pictures really don't do this quilt justice - it looked so much better in person.

the looser weave of the linen can be a problem, so I needed to take care when squaring the top up when on the quilting machine.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. Please don't use them for any purpose.

The back looked pretty darn good too! I used the daisy motif in the open areas around the centre quilting so the design didn't look too full, extended out the flowers from the embroidered design and did a curving flower border, again with one of the flower motifs. The end result is a lovely linen quilt that isn't "formal" but has a nice flowing feel to it. My client was pretty happy and that makes me happy too! Thank you for letting me publish a picture here on my blog.
Happy quilting,

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