Friday, 9 January 2009

Tonight ... I Sewed!

Tonight ... I sewed my Double Delight Mystery Quilt together. I auditioned a number of fabrics as the set in triangles - I liked the blue, which is the colour I used in the alternate 9 patch blocks, but alas ... I didn't have enough. So I used a pale pink that I had used in the 9 patches also ... I quite like the pale look.

Can't wait until Bonnie has put up Part 7 - which I think will show what she has done with her borders .... I am almost tempted to put a narrow chedder border and then a larger brown border of the same fabrics used in the quilt ... or I could put a chedder / blue / chedder and then brown borders - all narrow.... not sure. It is a nice sized quilt already - borders added would make it a bed quilt. I have never made a quilt quite like this before and I am quite happy how it has turned out. Thanks to you Bonnie!

Nick over to for a look at Bonnie Hunter's stashbusting quilts - Scrappy quilts are one of my favourites (although any quilt is a nice quilt).

Happy quilting until next time.... Jane


Ingrids strik og patchwork said...

Really cute is your DD.

Best wishes

Pennie and David said...

Wow! I really like your colour choices for Bonnie's Double Delight. I'm doing it as well but I'm no where near advanced as you are... I keep telling myself it 'isn't' a race!
Looking good!! cheers Pennie

Vickie said...

wow I love the way your colours blend together.I think the pink setting triangles look better than the blue.I am starting to cut mine this weekend..I am using some shirts that belonged to a dear friend who passed away last august -so it will end up a true Double Delight for us when I''m done..
cheers vickie

Elaine Adair said...

Soooo beautiful! You were a busy girl! I'm still making the blocks and alternate blocks! Too bad 'life' gets in the way of quilting! 8-))

Kucki68 said...

It looks great with the light pink setting triangles. I haven't started yet, but am inspired by the beautiful ones I see.

GARI said...

Your DD looks great. I have about 5 full blocks done: I am working on three quilts at the same time. I just have to take a break from all that cutting and trimming. But I really like this pattern and am looking forward to seeing my quilt done, like yours.

Bernadette said...

Great going Jane, I am still plugging away at those little nine patches! Yours looks lovely. I also loved your cat quilt, very clever pattern and the b&w with hand dyes looks fantastic.