Sunday, 6 September 2009

More Quilting

Here is some of the quilting I have done in the past few months ...

this quilt was made in 1997 I think -blocks made by different people - so it is a friendship quilt. I was asked to quilt it - however I liked. I think the end result is great - simple quilting but the look is quite effective - I love the back on this one too!

This is a close up of the front

And a view of the whole front.

this next quilt I am only showing the back - to show the quilting - customer was very happy too!

This next quilt was done for a wife's friend of my husband's in Ballarat ... again just asked to quilt but not sure what ... I felt a bit of freedom here as it was a free quilt job! I had fun quilting it.

This next quilt - I was asked to make a blue and yellow lap quilt - made in a very very busy hectic day - the recipient was apparently over the moon! This makes the effort well worthwhile.

If you want a quilt quilted by me - just go to my web site and follow the contact details. Postage anywhere in Australia is usually only about $15.00 registered.

Happy quilting for now ... Jane x

1 comment:

Sally Westcott said...

Wow Jane! you are so clever!

I really like the lap quilt. It sparkles.