Thursday, 22 October 2009

Quilts, Cats and Journals

This lovely quilt was made by Marie D. and was our non-compulsory challenge quilt at our recent Launceston Patchworkers & Quilters Retreat in August - doesn't it look beautiful.

I took my kitties out into the sunshine yesterday (they go on a harness with a long lead) and Jet decided it was just too hot and the water we leave out for the wallabies was just too irresistable - he sat in it and played in it for quite awhile until Merlin came up and wanted in on the action - I was too slow with my camera though.

This Journal cover was made by putting a raw edge applique on the ginko leaves and I have also added a little pen holder - this journal was gifted to Marie F who loves ginko and now I think I would like to make another similar.

Two little journal covers I made as some of the many door prizes for our LPQ Girls Night In last night - it was a great success and a lot of fun with around 60 ladies attending for a dinner and some entertainment - lots of laughing and fun. The ladies who organise this every year do a wonderful job and we all get a chance to meet members whom we may have never seen before.

The little bag I made using the tutorial from the Pink Penguin blog was one of the raffle prizes and I added a little candle in a can - very smelly - but nice. Fran W from the Quilt Patch added in some fat quarters of fabric - so it made quite a nice little prize.

It is another busy week here and the weather is beautiful - we have been having sunshine which is lovely after all the rain we have had. The place looks great with green grass and all the winter trees getting their leaves back - I do like Spring.

Happy quilting for now ... Jane

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That Girl said...

I love your journal covers! So creative AND functional... :)