Saturday, 19 December 2009

Back On Line

No pictures here today ... my new notebook computer (less than two months old) had a catestrophic hard drive failure ... so had to go back to the manufacturers to be replaced.  Luckily I do backups and the computer store was able to retrieve most things.   So.....I will upload some new photos soon and show you what I have been up to now that I am back on line properly.

In-laws visited us unexpectedly for a week and a half - nice to see them - but not much work got done. They mainly came down for our son's 17th birthday - not that they saw much of him (DS is a lad of few words and keeps to himself a lot).  My own sibilings (9 of them) attended my mother's 70th birthday - we hadn't been together for years and this is probably the last time it will happen.  It was nice to see them all ... but we have changed so much and it is quite amazing how some of them feel like strangers after all these years of little contact.   We all go our separate ways and grow apart I guess.  My husband says ... when we marry we become a little like our partners and are therefore different people to that when we were kids or young adults ... I think he may be right, I am more like him than I care to admit! lol!!

Christmas is only six days away ... I can't believe it, but I wrapped the presents today (none under the tree for me ...but that is normal and sometimes one turns up Christmas morning).

All my cats have visited the vet in the past week ... my little boys are now on a urinary diet - I didn't know that male cats were prone to crystals forming in the urine and that they have difficulty passing them - this can be life threatening - so special biscuits for them - actually works out cheaper than how I was feeding them before.   Our big girl Shadow, went a bit crazy one day after having a big fright outside ... she was really freaking out and panting and bouncing off the walls - terrified really.  After I calmed her down we went to the vet for a check up - she really is quite timid but it was good to have here checked out just in case there was something physically wrong.     So on the cat side of things ... all is well.  Jet is now weeing better and Antibiotics for Merlin as he had a scratch that got badly infected (hard to see such small scratches with all his fur)  fur dropped out, wound burst and is now good ... sigh...wallet is lighter but cats are well and happy again.

Shadow is five years old on Christmas day....will have to give her some chicken for her birthday lunch.

Anyway that's all for now .... happy quilting and I will post some pics in a day or so when I get this computer sorted out....Jane

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