Friday, 12 February 2010

Charity Quilt, Quilts and my Babies

This little quilt is for a fundraiser for the Franklin House Gardeners Committee - Denise made it using some sumptuous Japanese fabrics and I quilted it for her (my little contribution to the care of this lovely old home in Tasmania) using a lovely pattern called "Lotus" in keeping with the asian theme.   It came up a treat.

The back looks good - I just loved the fabric she used for the backing... I could do with some of that.

A lovely quilt by Sharon ... I just loved the combination of those colours and fabrics - scrumptious!

 And a pattern called "Feather Me"

And the back....

This is the back of another quilt that I can't show you yet ... love the little flower pattern.

And last but not least .... Jet and Merlin - getting up to mischief I'm sure - no no we're not doing anything - certainly not smacking each other - aren't they too cute!

Happy Quilting for now ... Jane x


Redgate Quilting said...

I love the Japanese Quilt Jane The fabrics are beautiful as is the quilting/ I hope you are feeling lots better. Marlene

Valentina said...

Hi Jane, Happy Valentine's!
first off: wow, love your redwork and your quilt!
2nd: interesting effect with that shimmery fabric and how wonderful it shows off your quilting, and last but not least: How cute are they!!! They almost look like they are dancing...
sending 'behind the ear' rubs for both Jet and Merlin!