Sunday, 18 July 2010

Baby Quilts and The Lure of Television

This is a little baby hexie quilt one of my customers made for her grandchild ... the daughter in law asked for black and white - isn't it wonderful.

Very cute indeed - but I am partial to hexagons!

Another little baby quilt

And ... another baby quilts .... must be the time of year for baby quilts.   I do like the colours in this one - very soft with that dash of red.

And yesterday was spent at my Mum's place - with my brother and my husband starting to put up a covered back pergola - this will be a great space when it is finished with laser light roof.   It was bitterly cold yesterday and they worked pretty hard to keep warm.

And Merlin has discovered Television - he sits and watches very closely at times - especially if there are birds on.

But these Meerkats were almost too much for him ... we couldn't keep him away from the TV - he was fascinated.

Happy quilting for now ... hope you all have a lovely week.    Jane x


Verlin said...

Jane, Having logged onto your site after your comment to my blog, I was fascinated with these quilts. I grew up in an Amish/Mennonite culture where quilt making is a family project. Even as a small boy, before school age, I spent hours helping my grandmother turn old clothing, curtains, etc. into quilt blocks.
I am well aware of the labor intensive projects of quilt making, and see your as works of art.
Love the photos of your cat stalking the critters on the screen.
Today, weather here is 90 degrees F. Just thought you would like to know.
Have a peaceful evening.. Verlin

Valentina said...

Dear Jane,
You have been so busy quilting these beauties! Are you having to be at it full-time?
I am always so happy to see your kitties but seeing Merl watching tv... I nearly fell over from laughter!
Oh what a cutie and how handsome in his wintercoat!
I hope you show us a pic of the finished pergola, I'm sure it will be gorgeous!
Sending you LOADS of warm wishes from a very HOT Cyprus,