Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Giveaway Winner is......

HELEN!   Wow, another Tasmanian  - how about that.

Helen was number 16 on my little list and the lovely Random.Org thingy picked 16.

I am up early this morning so thought I would do my draw so as to cut the suspense (I know you all have other things to do and not many of us quilters are obsessive - lol!)

So Congratulations Helen ... this little pin cushion is heading your way - send me an email with your addy please.

We'll have to do it again when I get to 250 postings - not far away now!

A big big thankyou to everyone who participated and left a comment, we had some interesting guesses ... it has been lovely and I have visited some blogs I haven't been to before.  

Happy Quilting for the weekend ... Jane

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