Thursday, 13 January 2011

Purrfectly Quilted Queensland Flood Appeal Auction

I am just overwhelmed by the footage that we are seeing coming in from Queensland, I have friends and family there (they are okay) and everyone is affected by the devestation and loss occurring at the moment.  I heard about  Toni from Make It Perfect and how she was organising an auction in blogland and I wanted to join in to help as much as I could.   If you click on the pink umbrella button below you'll be taken to her site where, on Sunday, there will be a complete list of everyone who has an auction running.


I am actually auctioning three items - A quilt on this blog and two other items on my Jane Monk Studio Blog.
Auction Quilt            Auction 1 - Zentangle Kit   and Auction 2 - Illuminated Letter hand drawn by me.

To Bid you will need to click on the Auction you are interested in bidding on and leave a comment (DON'T DO IT HERE) but on the page for the item you’re interested in. The auction will finish on Monday 24th January. If you are the winning bidder I will send you an email. To pay just go to the Premiere’s Flood Relief Appeal donate the amount and send me an email copy of your receipt together with your address and I will post the bag to you.   This auction is only open to Australian residents as I will be covering the cost of postage myself.   So start bidding and let's show those in Queensland how much we feel their plight and want to help.  Thank you so much to everyone for your generosity. 

 Auction Item 1 ... An Official Zentangle Kit

Auction Item 2 - An Original Hand Drawn Letter in my Zentangle style - you get to choose what letter you want in the centre.

Thank you to everyone who is participating in this wonderful initiative.
Jane x

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