Saturday, 31 March 2007

Island Threads Quilt Spectacular 2007 - Tasmania

Wow! I entered my two quilts, Silent Heritage and Celestial Oceans, in the Tasmanian Island Threads Quilt Spectacular this year. I went down on Thursday and Friday and while I didn't win any of the sections, it was a fantastic experience to be hanging up there with the State's best. I was so pleased because my quilt Silent Heritage was on the back wall and was the first quilt you saw when you entered the quilt show.

The Tasmanian quilting guild had done a fabulous job of putting all the quilts up on display. I felt the winning quilts were very deserving - however, some were not to my taste. The execution of piecing and quilting was varied and obvious that people are at different stages of their "quilting career". I am glad that mine held up with them all. My domestic machine quilting leaves a little to be desired and i could definately tell the before servicing and after servicing quality of my stitching. Can't wait to get my long arm because I can do so much more!!

The Island Threads Quilt Spectacular was great. However, the Craft and Stitches show was less than optimal - I think Tasmanian quilters are very aware of our isolation and therefore more aware of what is new and happening in the world of quilting. The people who put the show on don't appear to understand that and it was disappointing that the number of stall's and variety of products were not on show. The show is definately smaller than when it was held in Launceston which is in the North of Tasmania.

Anyways - must run and see my Mum & Dad - it is their 51st wedding anniversary today.
I am still working on posting pictures - so when I am able to I will post pictures of my two show quilts.


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Hi Jane your quilts look fantastic and I can imagine with your creativity when you get your longarm happening you will fly along with minimal problems..well done mate..cheers Pat Dwyer
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