Thursday, 5 April 2007

Easter Bunnies

Well - what a week that was. I am soooo glad the working week is over until Wednesday next week. Had some lovely customers this week at work *grin* and now for five days of bliss (well assignments for Uni) and quilting of course. One of the ladies from my quilt group's husband has had a stroke and I am putting together a nice four patch alternating with 4.5inch squares with wide border to make a lap quilt - hopefully ready by the time he gets home - I would like to quilt it on my longarm rather than my domestic machine. Speaking of which Sue has told me my Milli is getting ready for despatch and delivery and I am all set to make the payment - OMG!:)

The Easter bunny is here on Sunday and I can't wait - easter egg hunts and all that. I think I have more fun "planting" them than anyone else does in finding them! My boss's daughter has assured me today that "while she hasn't seen all of him, the easter bunny has long white ears" - I should keep an eye out for him.

Happy Easter to all bloggers and visitors to my site!

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