Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Self Portrait

I am a member of the SCQuilters on line and while I am not attending the retreat in Bendigo, I did make a Self-portrait to go in my place for the challenge. These are pictures of me when I was almost one, and eight. Snake Bay is a place on Melville Island which is just above Darwin, Australia. We used to live there for quite a few years and I have good memories of the people, beaches, fun and freedom we had as children.



Maree Vallance said...

Hi Jane - have just finished having my "first look at your blogspot". What a great "blog". Keep up the great work - I absolutely love your quilted self portrait and am looking forward to being kept up-to-date on your quilting business and its progress.
Love Maree V

Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Yo Jane, great concept ,your self portrait,is wonderful..relax over easter you will never have your bum in a chair ever again when the machine arrives..bet you cant wait,tell hubby he is about to become a quilters widow...like they say footballers widow..haha..enjoy Pat.I know you will.xx