Saturday, 11 August 2007

Melbourne - Australian Machine Quilting Exhibition

This is my wholecloth quilt - done on Cotton Sateen - I entered this into the AMQE in Melbourne in July 2007 - You can see that when you send quilts away for showing - they don't really like it because they don't hang right with all the fold marks. Never mind though - most of us girls were in the same boat as far as that was concerned - fold marks that is.

The pattern is one by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting - she does come up with some lovely patterns.

Here I am with my lovely quilt - I am having some nice hints from different people how this quilt should go home with them!!

This one is the Winner - well sort of - it received a "Highly Commended" And I was over the moon about that. You really can't see the pattern in the quilting very well at all - but it is "Brittany" by Hari Wallner. A very nice one if I do say so.

And last, but not least - here I am with two of my sisters - Karen, Florence and then Me!
Karen came to Melbourne with me from Tasmania and Florence came all the way from Adelaide. They are such sweeties - so thank you my lovely sisters, for your support.
Florence suggested some footballer would like to buy this quilt - Sydney Swans perhaps. Well it is yours if you can come up with $2,000.00

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Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Yo Jane, look how straight that quilt is hanging,and those beautiful sisters of yours..almost as straight as the quilt..haha..just kidding it was the highlight of my trip to meet you and yours..look forward to our next encounter.Patxx