Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Jonathan turns 15

Jonathan turned 15 on the 30th November 2007 - his favourite cake is Black Forest Gateau - so I am happy to indulge him because it means I don't have to make one - lol!

He would be most embarassed that I am blogging his photo - but anyway - I am so proud of him.

His list of birthday presents -

Electric Phillips cordless Shaver - yes - started shaving earlier this year!
Sing Star - he will sing when no one is around! and I love sing star! LOL!
Itunes vouchers - quite a few
T-shirts - with skulls and stuff from his aunty cause mum won't buy them!
A glass blown dragon from his other aunty - because he loves glass blown figurines
Lots of Money from his Nanna's and Grandpa's and Godparents - he has more than me now!
and a World of Warcraft gamecard from his Mum and Dad as well because he loves this game - although we do restrict his computer time!

My two brothers have come to live in Tasmania and they were here for his birthday which was lovely. Out of 10 of us children - there are not too many occasions when a lot of us are together - so 5 of us were here! I cooked pizza's all night - well about 11 of them anyway for the crowd!
I love birthdays - everyone should celebrate their birthdays with gusto and flair!

It was my mum's birthday on the 1st December - which was also special -she turned 68. I always buy her clothes which she always likes! And purfume, and handcream and stuff she never buys for herself because she worries about too many other people all the time. Did I say I love my Mum - you might have guessed! I'm always a sookie la la when it comes to birthdays, husbands, children, mums and dads and my sisters and family -and my pussy cat- oh well ... never mind!

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