Thursday, 13 December 2007

Monk Art - a little bit more

This is a Tasmanian Rainforest "Earth Star" Puff Ball - fungi (Did this one today) - looks like an eyeball - but when under pressure all the spores come out of the ball opening.

Dragon - I like dragons.

Eye - is the other eye to the coloured one on black card.

Hanging leaves.

"Clem" - this fellow sat for a portrait for an informal group. Pastel is not my best medium - but I like working with it.

Pencil is definately a better medium for me - I have more control over it. I think so anyway.

This is the view from my back verandah - I love the river and mountains.

Ben Lomond - some of the "shacks" up at the resort - with a fairly heavy snow.

Humming bird - not finished yet

Teddy - I was working on getting my coloured pencil technique better - layering is the key.

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paula, the quilter said...

I like dragons too. My latest one was acquired last year: a beautiful bronze sculpture of a dragon.