Thursday, 7 February 2008


Is this a new craze or something that I have only just discovered??? Well - I think we all Zentangle but have never called it that - maybe you know it as doodling. But it is a bit more I think - to give structure to a drawing with just a black fine tip pen and a piece of card stock is it's own little bit of paradise - a Zen state you could say!
This is a big 8x6inch piece and is my first "formal" Zentangle drawing.

These next two are 2.5 x 3.5 inch Artist Trading Card size Zentangles - they were drawn in a single sitting - about an hour or so for each one. It is very relaxing drawing in this small format - you can then put them into a little trading card plastic folder - put a little magnet in the back of the picture and put them on your fridge - works of art!

This is not a Zentangle - it is Shadow Daisy Monk having a stand off with Apples the Eastern Grey Kangaroo. Apples was hit by a car a year and a half ago - she couldn't stand up properly and suffered some damage to her brain - she is blind in one eye - so she lives with us and gets a bit of fruit or vegetables every other day - the rest of the time she eats what Kangaroos eat - my trees! Anyway - the cat and the kangaroo stare at each other through the flyscreen door - almost nose to nose sometimes.

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Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Love it Jane..I want to live where you live..I would never get any quilting done..I would be sitting cuddling apples all day..what a lucky furry friend..cheers Pat