Saturday, 28 June 2008

Island Quilts 2008 - Hobart - Winning Quilts

Hi everyone - well I just returned from the Hobart Island Quilt Show where I was awarded a Highly Commended for my Miniature quilt - 8 x 10 inches and quilted on the longarm! that was a bit of fun and the first miniature I have made. I must slow down and not rush!!

One of my early clients also was awarded a Second place for a quilt that I quilted in my early months of quilting - so I get a certificate for that too! So....three competitions entered and three prizes - I am pretty happy

"Coloured Geese" 8x10inch miniature - Highly Commended
I made this little quilt on a Friday night - with scraps from a batik quilt I had made that week. I get notions in my head that I can make a quilt in a day - and you just about can with a miniature quilt - they are very lovely - but I guess you really can't sleep under them.

"2506 Evelyn's" - 2nd Place - Traditional Two Person Category

This was pieced by Jacklynne M. It was a lovely quilt - but hell to quilt on the long arm with all those seams - the pattern is one by Evelyn Sloppy called "Entwined"70x70 and is made by strip piecing the blocks and then sewing the segments in set orders - clever really. I used a pantograph pattern by Lorien Quilting called Nouveau Scallops.

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