Thursday, 4 December 2008

Hand Dyed Fabric Journal Covers

I have been busy while everyone has been sleeping.... These are two fabric journal covers that I have made from my own hand dyed fabric. The green one is a simplified version, while the blue is a fully lined with pen holder version. They are both stitched on my domestic sewing machine - a fabulous Bernina!

This is the start of a Fabric Journal Cover .... needs something more yet... beads, more stitching, more colours.

This picture is of the back of the two journals above.

And I have been busy hand dyeing a rainbow of big 8's (that is 1/8's but they are bigger than normal) ... Don't they just look wonderful. Two of these babies is enough to make a fabric journal cover and they look great stitched and embellished.

This is two rainbow spectrums of 12 colours laid out flat .... I am very happy with the colours. The possibilities are endless when you look at something like this.

Happy Quilting for now ...



Elly D said...

Your quilting is exquisite on the journals. WOW!! I wish I could quilt like that by machine. Also your fabrics look very yummy!!!!
Penny dropping here, you did that quilting on your Bernina!!! Now why can't mine do that, LOL.I'll have to have words with it. :))
Your doll is coming on beautifully, I love the hair.
OH and can you send me some of the wonderful sunshine streaming through your windows :-D Elly

Chris Jones said...

I just visited your site. I like your machinequilting! And I also wish I could quilt like that by my Bernina. I once did, but very simple.