Thursday, 11 December 2008

Journal Covers & New Flannel Quilt

This is another Journal Cover that I have designed and stitched ... I love the freedom of this type of work. No Rules. The techniques used in the journal covers can be utilised in your own domestic quilting - and remember I make these on my own domestic sewing machine, not the longarm quilting machine - so even if you have never done free motion quilting, with a little practise and help, you can do it too!

Next year I will be doing some workshops in various places around Tasmania so if you or your group are interested in a workshop, contact me for further information.

And a new flannel quilt for the couch ... Once again I have used the patten from "Happy Hour Quilts" - Atkinson Designs. It is a very versatile pattern. I have quilted a Funky Floral Flowers qauilt pattern on it .... it is warm and snuggly with a flannel back as well!

this is the cat after a very big day out in the yard being chased by Plovers who are nesting... there is no way in the world she would ever have a chance at catching a bird ... some cats just have no idea about that sort of thing. (which I must say I am glad about)

So happy quilting ... not long until Santa comes to visit.


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Lady of the Cloth said...

I had two Russian Blue cats named Murka and Sophie and just loved them to death. They got old and went to cat heaven but I'll tell you, they CAN and do catch birds. Ours brought them to us on a regular basis.
Enjoy them.