Thursday, 29 January 2009

More DJ Blocks & I have succumbed to Dutch Treat!

I have completed my 75th Dear Jane block - I did G6 - Papa's Star - that little star in the centre is just only 1 inch square... I paper pieced this block and it didn't really take long at all - I am very happy with it.. I have also added a few blocks completed this week that I missed out on my last post.

And I have succumbed to a Dutch Treat block - this is my first block - only 4.5inches square and reverse appliqued. Nice ... I might have to make a few more!

It was a lovely 40 degrees celcius here today - too hot for Tasmania - so I had to stay inside and hand piece - again!
Happy Quilting until next time....Jane


Mary Ann said...

Hi Jane!
Way to go on reaching 75 blocks!! Your Papa's Star is just beautiful!!
Greetings from Denmark!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Obviously you like quilts with little tiny pieces! DJ and Dutch Treat seem to go hand in hand. Your work is exquisite!
Cheers! Evelyn

martha said...

Hi Jane! I agree with you that politics are an important part of all our lives. I will keep up with you on your blog. Thanks for your thoughtful response to all of the attempted censoring that we are witnessing. I always question, when that happens, who does it really benefit? It serves to make people comfortable with their passivity and the results to that are inevitably more repression.

Elly D said...

Your blocks are beautiful Jane and congratulations getting your first Dutch Tread block done. I have one prepped and that's as far as I've got but I hope to get to it one day once I've done all I need to complete for our group's exhibition in August. Love your kitties too :))