Sunday, 8 February 2009

A week of Stuff & Furbabies

It has been another busy week ... getting my quilts ready to go to Sydney for a photo shoot as I have been invited to have a profile in an Australian Magazine - Down Under Quilts - very exciting news. I also made another journal cover so I could send off to them as the original one I made was given to my son's school teacher as a thankyou for all she had done for him in the past few years.

Our furbabies are growing everyday and are still full of naughtiness and mischief. The big cat is still not happy about it all ... but they are at least passing each other - although a few hisses occur, there has been no swiping or biting - whew! Some photos above of my furbabies. When it was so hot here I put a fan up with a wet towel in front - they found it so much fun to play on the clothes stand - so I just had to put a few danglies on the clothes stand for them to play with. Probably not too good when I want to actually hang clothes on it!

On the weekend my husband and I went up to Ulverstone to the quilt show put on by Lynn M. at Cranberry Crafts - it was fantastic with a heap of quilts - wonderful show. I also had a display of my fabric sculptured dolls (picture above - what do you all think of them - they are all different and have different characters) I will be teaching a class at Cranberry Crafts on the 28 March this year. While I was at the show I met up with Lyn R who made several blocks in the quilt shown here - it was a raffle quilt for the Cancer Council in Launceston in 2008 - The Cranberry Craft Hope Club made the quilt, I quilted it for free and it was bound by the group and then raffled by the Cancer Council - it was wonderful to hear that Lyn had won the quilt because she had put so much work into it.....I would have loved it myself as it is a beautiful quilt - well done Lyn and I hope you don't mind your mug shot on my blog - you and the quilt look great! We also went and saw an exhibition at the Information Centre in Ulverstone - by the group Ozquiltnetwork - great art quilts and well worth seeing them .... here is a link

We have also had a couple of lovely visitors this week from New South Wales - Hi Jo & was wonderful to see them and be able to spoil them - I don't often get to spoil people (other than my beautiful husband and son) so it was lovely to have them stay the few days.

So off to a busy week next week ... paperwork, quilting and finishing off some ATC(Artist trading cards) for a swap based on playing cards - the Ace of Spades is my choice! I will show some pictures when I have finished them. Then I have to get a few Dear Jane blocks finished off.

Happy quilting until next time ..... and play nice! Jane


Gabriele said...

Your fur babies are too adorable. I'm sure they're fun to watch.
I LOVE the journal cover!
Is there a pattern for it, or did you make it up yourself? Either way, it's beautiful.

Stephanie Newman said...

Your furry friends are so cute!
Congrats on your profile in DUQ- keep an eye out for mine at the end of Feb, early March- and cover quilt, yipeeeeee!!
Have fun packing those quilts up :)