Tuesday, 3 March 2009

It's been a busy week or so

Over the past little while I have been quilting more quilts for those affected in the Victoria fires - here are some pictures.

This is the backing of the blue and white quilt - I have had this fabric for quite awhile and absolutely love it - reminds me of Aboriginal paintings.

Last Saturday I had a small exhibition at the Exeter Show - local show - had a great day and a lot of people asked questions and stopped for a chat which was lovely. My Journal covers were a great hit with a lot of people expressing interest in doing a class with me - have dates booked now and just need to get the numbers.

This is a nice stack of my quilts ... can't believe I have so many. But they are for sale if anyone is interested.

My fur babies are now 5 months old and have grown quite a lot ... still full of naughtiness though!

This following weekend I am lucky to be attending a workshop with doll guru Pattie Medaris Culea from the USA. Her dolls are devine and I hope to learn some new tricks, especially dying silk. I have made up a doll in silk for the class and we will be dying the doll, rather than the fabric before the doll is made ... very exciting! I will post some pics once I return next week. My husband is holding down the fort and looking after the fur babies and our human baby (not that a 16 year old is a baby). I am expecting to come home to a beautiful clean house and cooked meal - I will probably get the cooked meal though not any cleaning faires - lol!.

So Happy Quilting until next time .... I hope to be able to get back to my Dear Jane quilt blocks very soon... Jane


**nicke... said...

hi. i have been a follower of your blog for some time. i think you do amazing work and i love to see all of your quilts. i especially LOOOOOVE one of the quilts on this post. the quilt that is blue, green, pink, and white with home sweet home embroiderd and with applique... is that your design or is that a pattern you used? can you please let me know because i would love to make this quilt. if you could let me know i would be very very grateful... nicke.cutler@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Love the look of all your quilts, we are still in germany and I am missing my machine.
Good luck with the magazine profile in DUQ looking forward to reading it.


Mary Ann said...

Gosh, your kittens are just adorable!!! So sweet! It's wonderful that you're quilting so many quilts for the fire victims. We're busy making tops here in Denmark...our guild hopes to have at least five completed tops to send!
Enjoy your weekend! Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks for the magazines again! Those quilts for sale - you should take a picture of individual quilts n put the price on n put on the blog.