Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Dolly Day

Last Saturday was the second Doll Workshop I taught at Cranberry Crafts in Ulverstone - it was a great day with almost everyone going home with the body of their doll completed. Faces done, hair done and now they just have to add the clothing and accessories. Look at all those happy faces! Thanks girls for the wonderful day.

The three dolls in this picture are my dolls that are in progress - I have still to complete various stages of their dress and shoes. I love the tiara (usually used as a hair piece for brides but just the right size for my dolls).

If anyone is interested in doing a workshop with me ... skip over to my web page and look at the workshop dates - I am arranging a class in Launceston soon. http://purrfectlyquilted.com.au

And this photo is of Marie G. and her winning Kimono quilt which I had the pleasure of custom quilting. Marie was over the moon that two of her quilts won - a First and a Second prize. Well done - her fabric colour and design choices were wonderful.

Busy quilting days for me at the moment - trying to keep up and get some of my own stuff done.

Happy Quilting for now ... Jane x

1 comment:

Christine said...

wow love all the quilting you have done and all prize winners.

They sure look like the had a great day making the dolls.

Still doing pantos and only a little free motion, I need to get a extender base for straight quilting and do you use channel locks?