Friday, 17 July 2009

Sneak Peak, Cats and Journals and a lovely Quilt

This is a sneak peak of my Hexagon Quilt - my design, quilting and hand piecing - I feel a bit sad that it is finished - but have started making hand pieced diamonds now.

This picture is of my Journal covers - I have made others that have been sold and I have found that people most like the ones that have been beaded ... some of these have but need more!

This lovely quilt is one that was made by Rita for the Aldersgate Aged Care Home in Launceston to celebrate it's 50th birthday. I quilted it with a mixture of McTavishing, clams and reminded me of "pathways", so I though that was pretty apt!

And last but not least - here is my big fat "Merlin" he hardly fits into this now but will still squeeze in and will push his skinny brother Jet out if he gets in first. My babies are nearly 9 months old now and are about as big as my 4 year old Shadow.

Happy Quilting for now ... Jane


Anonymous said...

Love your quilt


Bernadette said...

Your hexagon quilt is just beautiful Jane and the feathers are gorgeous, well done.

Maksi said...

I really do love your journal covers.

Lots of greetings