Monday, 17 August 2009

A Big Post, Bags, Dear Jane and Diamonds

At the end of last month I went away on a 3 day Quilting Retreat with the Launceston Patchwork & Quilters group - what a fun time. I took along a little tutorial pattern from the Pink Penguin as I had been wanting to make the little thread end bag for awhile - I ended up making 13 of them and a lot of the ladies also made them - at the end of the retreat - everyone had a little bag - don't they look great! Obviously I am not in the photo as I am taking the photo - lol!

And this lis my "little" hand piecing project - Stars and hexies made from diamonds. The pattern has 1.5inch hexagons as the background fabric but I decided to make the hexis from three diamonds of different cream background fabric - I am really liking it.

This is what it will look like together

This is my little lunch box to go ... diamonds anyone!

And this is the "big" project box that holds all the finished stars, fabrics and diamonds waiting to be stitched ... also the pattern and other things for the project.

these are all of the coloured diamonds finished ready to be made into stars ... I am still basting the background diamonds so will alternate between making stars and making background diamonds. Looks pretty cool I think.

And drum roll.....I am back at Dear Jane ... I decided not to start any new projects as I have about six or so on the go - until I finish my Dear Jane quilt. My new numbers are 78 blocks, 21 triangles, 4 corners and a total of 2050 pieces to date. These are the two blocks and triangle that I did on the weekend ... I might, just might, get it finished by the end of the year - perhaps they might be the famous last words though.

So happy quilting for now .... Cheers Jane


Renate said...

The little bags are so cute. I think, I have to make also one. :-))
And I noticed you are working on a bautiful starquilt. That will be a wonderful quilt too!

Rose Marie said...

Your star diamond quilt is going to be gorgeous! Seeing the quilt photo and your hexies makes me want to start one too.

Stephanie Newman said...

I'm glad you are back at your dj quilt as I am! We can encourage eachother on towards completion, I'm at block 86 right now. Sometimes a little break is just what you need though to keep on enjoying it!