Thursday, 12 November 2009

Beautiful Feather Quilting

This is the current Raffle Quilt for the Wilted Quilters in George Town Tasmania - they are having their exhibition in George Town from 19 through 21 November 2009. I didn't want to quilt too much in behind the handbang stitcheries so did a nice diamond cross hatch which sets the stitcheries off nicely. The remainder of the quilt was quilted with my freehand feathers with the pink border having a little leaf vine.

A shot of the back

One of the beautiful stitchery bags

Another back picture

And this quilt is Geraldine's lovely Picininni quilt - with feathers - it is a really nice quilt. I was impressed with how the colours looked - wonderful!

So it's back to the quilt machine for me .... hope everyone is enjoying this lovely sunshine weather we are having. Happy quilting for now ... Jane x

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That Girl said...

Those quilts are beautiful! Well done!

Jennifer :)