Tuesday, 17 November 2009

More Quilting & Workshops

I love this quilt - I didn't want to give it back to it's owner once I had quilted it. We used an all over pattern to quilt as it will be used well and will need to be washed.....the applique on this quilt is immaculate - a fantastic job and a beautiful quilt.

Saturday saw me once again at Cranberry Crafts in Ulverstone for the 2nd part of my Wire Wrapped Doll Workshop (you can book a workshop with me by going to my web page) - most girls chose to make the tall doll and they were all coming along nicely (remember to email me pictures of your finished dolls ladies - I love to see them)

This is Elkie's Hidden Stars quilt - with added rail fence border .. see those stars twinkling in there.

This is another "first" quilt - Lisa has never made a big quilt or pieced quilt like this - she has done a wonderful job and her borders were perfect!

This next quilt is by Jill and she specifically wanted not only minimal quilting - but quilting just like the original designed by the designer of the pattern. This is not always an easy thing to do. As a quilter you have a way you prefer to quilt - like stabilising the quilt with stitch in the ditch quilting which will also enhance the applique blocks. I also prefer to quilt around all applique to make it "pop" and therefore require minimal quilting in the background of the block - some quilts scream for more quilting while others will say - not too much!

However, this quilt did look rather sweet with the "minimalist" look for quilting .... I would have liked to do a bit of ditch stitching though....but the customer is always right and their preference is always given priority!

My own quilts get my preferred treatment when quilting - so I give the same to my customers. Now ... when was I going to be able to quilt those six quilts of mine I have sitting there ... over the Christmas break I hope.

Happy quilting until next time.... Jane xx

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