Friday, 22 January 2010

Quilts, Another Journal to Give Away & My Babies

I have been busy quilting lately and enjoying the process a lot ... as usual!

Don't you love this quilt ... this is the second one I have quilted for a customer ... and both wanted exactly the same as what the designer had quilted.  I would have really liked to jazz it up a bit with my style of quilting ... but it still looks great this way.

A closer look

Hanging upside down on my quilting machine . lol!

This is a cute little quilt ... I have put some different sashing quilting on it and am very happy with the overall look.

A closer look.

And some E2E quilting ... simple style quilt, but the edge to edge pattern really gave it a lift.   Customer very happy with her choice of pattern and thread colour here.  She found it difficult to choose a patter that would do justice to her quilt and that she would be happy to live with  ... this Briar Rose pattern is beautiful though.

Close up of a block.     On the back of this quilt, I think I spent close to an hour and half trimming off all the loose black, navy and purple threads so they didn't get over into the yellow sashing.  They would show up terribly ... so look after your long arm quilter and trim those threads off the backs as well as the front ... please....lucky for my customer I don't charge for those "little" things!

And now to my babies ... Don't look at me, I've a bucket on my head.  Jet, has hurt his eye and needed to have surgery to have his third eyelid stitched over his eye so it can heal without him scratching it ... it looks particularly grusome and reminds me of the movie "Coralin".   He is coping well, he can eat and drink and toilet but can't scratch himself ... so I give him a good scratch every hour or so and a big brush down every evening which he loves.  Poor baby.

It is so difficult carrying that thing around all day.

Merlin doesn't know what to think, so he is sleeping on top of my outside fridge.

Getting heavy ... but he is comfortable and happy curled up ... every so often looking at me quilting as I walk around my quilt machine.

Over the past week, my family have been refamiliarised with our bath tub ... you see our shower is in the process of being re-tiled after we had a water leak (thank goodness we have insurance) ... So no shower's for the best part of a week ... I am so looking forward to it being finished.  I made the most of it, by getting a new shower screen - the old one was put in in the 1980's - you know - brown!

Anyway, the tiler is here today grouting the shower ... it is looking good.

Oh and before I forget ... I have had such a lovely response to my Giveaway that I made another little journal cover out of the same fabric but put different quilting on it ... I will now draw two names on Tuesday.... So watch out for that.

Isn't it cute ... I really will have to make myself one of these ... I really love the colours.

Happy Quilting for now ... Jane x


Fran said...

oh poor puss, how long does he have to be like that???


Bluejanem said...

The poor puss has to have it on for another week and a bit .. two weeks in all. He is hating it. We have already been back to the vet because he got the stitches undone when I took the collar off to brush him. He now gets brushed with the collar on.

Sharon said...

Poor Jet, I will have to let Jaqueline know as she is away fromn home, house sitting in W. L'ton for a couple of weeks.
See you soon

Bluejanem said...

Yes I know it looks terrible, he is okay though ... getting lots of attention. Only one week to go and the "bucket" will be off his head - I bet he will be relieved when it is off...and where is your blog Sharon ... isn't it about time you started one = lol!

Isabella said...

Poor wee thing I remember when one of mine had that on and boy was he put out stayed away from me for the rest of that day I guess I was to blame for it all