Tuesday, 12 January 2010

These quilts were made by a lovely quilter who passed away late last year ... her friend is having them quilted and is binding them so the lady's family can use them.   They are lovely  ..  she used to do some wonderful machine embroidery too!

And just to keep it a bit about the kitties .... here is Merlin begging for the fan to be put on .... plllleeease

It has been pretty warm here in Tasmania this past week ... but a change is about with dark clouds and a bit of coolness coming after a very hot and humid day.

Happy Quilting for now .... Jane x


Hannele said...

Beautiful quilts, nice gesture from the friend to finish them :)

Anonymous said...

I love the red embroidery! I have been working on embroidery for a couple of years and cannot get pretty curves like yours. Any advice? I have my own blog and recently posted a pic of my latest embroidery at www.rasmussenraggies.blogspot.com..I would love some help..just can't seem to get it right! LOVE YOUR WORK!!

Bluejanem said...

Hi Hannah,

Unfortunately I can't take credit for the red and white embroidered quilt ... it is a customer quilt that I quilted. I haven't done much embroidery but I find I get a nice curve if I make sure I put the needle in the same hole that I went down before and follow the drawn line accurately in the centre. Good luck with yours.