Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Projects in Progress

Did I show you this?   Not sure .... this is a quilt I did with a little quilt group - a mystery quilt I am really happy how it turned out.  I finished it off late last year but have yet to quilt it ... I'm thinking Custom Quilting for this one.  I just love the Batik fabrics that I used here.

And this lovely was one that I put together at a retreat last year ... also waiting to quilt this - hopefully before the next retreat.
I made this out of a Bali Pop pack and found some lovely Batik border fabric from The Quilt Patch in Launceston ...nice!

I have pieced the backing for this quilt as well. 

A few more beautiful Jacob's Ladder blocks ... they do take awhile to applique all the bits down, but I am enjoying it quite a lot.

I laid out a few blocks for my embroidered quilt (Life is Beautiful - By Helen Stubbings).

I don't think I will be doing the sashings as I really like the look of it without them.

I only have eight more embroidery blocks to go and then I can lay it out and sew it all together ... I am really liking this quilt.

I wonder what I will do when I am finished this ... back to my Dear Jane Quilt perhaps?

Anyways.... Happy Quilting for Now .... Jane x

Oh .... I almost forgot .... it is nearly my 200th posting so I will be having a give away on my blog ... so stick around for that.


MamaDaniel said...

really in love with the Bali Pop quilt (sorry i just put it as the name of this quillt..)
i just wondering on the thin black line between the blocks.. is that sashing? wow!!!

really adore your work..
Kuala Lumpur

Bluejanem said...

Hi Zila, the black line is the sun shining through the quilt top showing the seam allowance. I went and had another look at the photo and a thin black sashing would look terrific - but difficult to get neatly done.

Sarah E. said...

I'm so glad I found your blog...your work is just wonderful! Since I'm now a follower, I'll be back often. Quite inspiring!

Solstitches said...

Wow! Where have I been that I have never seen this gorgeous stitchery quilt before?
I just love it and can not wait to see it put together.
So many lovely things on your blog.
I'm glad I "discovered you" :)


aykayem said...

oh yummy!
drool drool ... lol

that top quilt (the mystery one) is intriguing - the patern looks interesting ... very interesting
... and the colours on that second quilt are gorgeous!

Helen Stubbings said...

wow Jane, you have had a busy stitching holiday, nearly finsihed all those stitcheries, I think too it looks great (and clean and crisp) without the sashings! Helen

Helen Stubbings said...

sorry Jane, me again, I was so impressed i showed everyone on my blog, hope you don't mind.... Helen

marina said...

Hello Jane, I love your stitching and the colours look great. I have started the Life is Beautiful stitcheries and popped over from Helen's blog.
Just gorgeous.