Wednesday, 12 May 2010


This is what I do when I have a quilt on my machine that I don't like what we have chosen to quilt on it ... Not this quilt here...This is a little quilt that I finished off the borders, did the quilting and binding for a customer ... Maisy is fabulous - don't you think?

 This is the backing fabric that I chose to go with the quilt ... love the bright yellow with the coloured houses ... scrumptious.

And this lot ... well  ... this is my family.  Mum in the middle with 9 of us 10 children and various spouses and some grandchildren ... This was for mum's 70th birthday last year.   A great photo I think.   The tall fellow in the back is my DH and I am in front of him.  It really was lovely to see the whole family together - something that rarely happens because we live all over Australia.

 This one has all 10 of us kids and my DS in it - reluctantly.   He stayed about half an hour and then walked home (just around the corner) as the crowd was just a bit too much for him.

Anyway ... back to procrastination and I'll explain a little.   Sometimes when you go through a quilt with a customer and you agree to quilt a certain thing on it ... you think it will look good.   However, once you start quilting you may realise that it doesn't look very effective at all.   So .... I procrastinate while I think about what I am going to do with it. 

Firstly .... I know I am going to quilt the same thing - just a different format.   So now I have to unpick what I have done.  I unpick from the back usually so as not to pull the thread upwards through the front fabric.  Unpicking usually takes 100times longer than stitching - so what took my an hour to quilt, will take me all day to unquilt.  I have to leave it on the machine while I unquilt because I have done some other blocks that I won't unquilt - confused?   Prattling on is also a good way to procrastinate.  Looking through your photos and posting on your blog is also a good way to procrastinate.    But ... i have given myself to 9am to procrastinate then I am heading out to my quilting room to get on with this beautiful quilt.  At least it is only the top border that I am unquilting.

So Happy Quilting (or unquilting, unpicking, frogging) ... Jane x


quiltjude said...

I absolutely love the Maisy quilt, as a family day carer my children would just love it, I hope one day to be as professional as you!

Anonymous said...

Love the family pictures.

Oh I know what you mean, I am currently quilting a quilt and I am mulling over it day in day out and need to have it done next week.


ps. no unpicking at this stage...

Robyn said...

Oh Jane good luck!
Maisy is gorgeous :-)

One of your sisters? looks very much like you... A lovely family pic!

Honey Pot Quilter said...

I know all about procrastination Jane. These blessed computers are the worst distraction. I go looking for pics for inspiration, then end up spending way too much time reading Blogs and info on retreats. Then find I have run out of time to do anything!
Go enjoy your weekend... lucky duck. I have to wait until end of June.