Sunday, 30 May 2010

Customer Quilts and my new crochet folly

This was a huge huge quilt - the biggest I can quilt on my long arm machine.   The piecing was very "loose" but it came up beautifully with a fairly tight all over pattern ... my customer tells me this lovely quilt is going to live in Europe with her daughter and new son-in-law - how lovely.

This is the back of a quilt I quilted for my quilt group Launceston Patchworkers & Quilters - every time one of our members turns 80 - they get a lovely little friendship quilt - I was glad I could contribute to this quilt and had fun quilting those quick feather borders.

I hope the birthday girl loves it.

This is another customer quilt - I just love the colours in it - Sally tells me that she used just one bali pop for the blocks and border  -  very very nice colours and the cream

This is the back - the pattern is called "Curley Hearts" and is very cute.

Another customer quilt  done with a very open all over pattern called "Deb's Swirls"

This is the back view

A different quilt again - this one with Feathers - I do like this pattern - open enough but with a lovely swirl giving movement to the quilt.  Great on this type of quilt.

And lastly ... not quilting but crocheting - over the past few evenings I have made myself a wool bag ....  it is nearly finished as I just need to add the handles and make some little flower buttons - then fill it up with my wool stash.

It was amazing I got this far with this project as Merlin want's to sit on me while I am crocheting and then tries to eat the wool, me and my hook.   Jet wants to run off with the wool ball - he sneaks up on it and pounces and is off before you can blink.  So I have to chase him all over the house to get my wool back.  Aren't cats fun!

Happy quilting for now until next time .... Jane x

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