Thursday, 3 June 2010

Lucy Bag Anyone?

I have finished my "Lucy" Bag ... for holding my little balls of wooly loveliness .... you can see the pattern here at Attic24 - Lucy does some great crochetting.

I used some wool/acrylic blend that I had enough of to make the bag - probably wouldn't have gone with the green if I had to purchase the yarn - but hey - it looks okay !

See - fits a bundle in there ... but wait .... look under the chair.  Looks like mischief Merlin - loves to chew yarn and run away with the ball.

Anyway back to the quilting ... I have been busy doing a few custom quilts and edge to edge quilts and getting the backlog out of the way and out to you lovelies. 

Happy quilting for now ... Jane x

ps ... I should have some nice quilting to show you in the next few days.

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