Saturday, 10 July 2010

Island Quilt Win and some custom quilts

Second Place - Two Person Traditional Quilts - by Janine Richardson and quilted by Jane Monk ..... Janine's piecing of this mariners compass block quilt was fantastic ... I had a lot of fun quilting it ... Janine and I went through a very detailed discussion of what she wanted on this quilt and the thread colour etc.

I thought I would show you a bit of what I do when I start to do a custom quilt once on the machine.

This is the quilt loaded up on the machine - all squared up and the top and part sides stitched down - then I put the edge straps on to keep the quilt reasonably stable.

I also draw on my initial pattern ideas with chalk - this comes off easily with no residue.

This lovely little quilt by Marie was also at the show.   I quilted this for her a little while ago. 

This lovely little quilt was quilted with freehand feathers all over - missing the stitchery panels.

A closer view

This quilt was also done with feathers - and curved crosshatching.
A lovely flannel quilt - front and back.

A closer look at the inner border

Oh my and this lovely quilt - applique and pieced by Ros.  Again Ros and I discussed in detail what she wanted on the quilt and what look she wanted for it.

It really is a stunning quilt - and her applique work is very very nice.

And finally - the other morning it was so very cold here at my place but the view out over the river was stunning - the sun rising and bouncing off the fog in the valley - this is the view from my quilting room looking into our back paddock.

The Hobart Quilt Show - Island Quilts - was lovely again this year.   Unfortunately I missed the announcement of the prizes as they had changed the time this year to an earlier time and there were a lot of roadworks coming into Hobart.   Not to worry .... I'm sure I will find out who won soon enough.  The quilts were beautiful - some real stunners in there this year.   And I have come away inspired to make a few quilts for next years show.   Congratulations to the organisers and participants alike.

Happy quilting for now.... Jane x


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely quilts and your work is beautiful.
tell me do you always float the quilt top? Also what brand chalk do you use?


ps. are you going to adelaide for the Machine Quilting thingy?

Raylene Smith said...

lovely work, favorite is the little japanesie one by Marie...beautiful quilting designs... I love to see something a little different...

Bluejanem said...

Thanks Raylene and Christine ... and yes I pretty much always partially float my quilts ... I use normal every day school chalk - just test a on an inconspicuous area first -but I have never had a problem with using it - you just have to clean your bobin and needle area more often and it doesn't work on white fabric - but I wouldn't use coloured chalk. Cheers Jane x