Saturday, 10 July 2010

Found more pics

These are all pics of Janine's beautiful quilt - close ups and the back - the pattern of quilting on the back with the white looked wonderful.

This one is Ros's  - a close up

And the back - love it.

Maries - she did add a lot of bling dimontes to this quilt prior to putting it in the show.

A face a mother could love ... this is my lovely lad while we were away earlier this year on the motorbikes - it is a rare thing to get a nice photograph of him  - well any photograph of him really as he is camera shy.

Happy quilting for now ... jane x


Frances Leate said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us all. I only wish we were able to see the quilts in the flesh. Did you quilt any of the quilts that hung in the Sydney Show?

Bluejanem said...

Hi Frances - no I didn't quilt any quiltsfor the Sydney show - although I am a member of the NSW Guild and the VIC Guild - so technically could do that.